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Our Services


Offers clients & partners focused on real estate projects the opportunity to consult with our group. NGB is able to serve as a project manager for Commercial, Industrial and Residential real estate projects. Aligning with the group helps clients avoid making errors which result in the lost of their project and eventually lost of their investment. Our in-depth knowledge of the system, market and industry, combined with our highly experienced and trained team, pooled with our professional networks assists in creating the best suited team with the goal of developing and delivering the project at hand in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

Understanding the investors/client needs, taste and desires is an essential aspect of project management. Taking in consideration market demand / needs or potential buyer desires, budget and cost control, team chemistry, quality control and time management, we are able to make sure projects are progressing in the correct timeframe and direction.

We provide investors/clients with constant reports (weekly and monthly) based on the current situation of the project, forecasts, internal and external environmental impacts and finally provide various solution based courses if required.


This field was recently formed to manage all real estate investments ofthe group, including raising the required funds, creating and organizing possible joint ventures/partnerships, as well as managing ongoing relations with partners/investors.

We offer investors/partners the opportunity to invest with NGB to acquire, develop and manage Industrial, Commercial and Residential real estate proj-ects in Eastern Europe. Investors/Partners will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the market and industry, our ability to locate new opportunities, provide risk and profit assessments, design/plan and execute projects, provide constant and detailed reporting, and enthusiastically manage the asset with the goal of generating profits based on a specific timeframe.


N.G.B collaborates closely with a team of experienced architects and engineers and designers to provide the complete set of design services. Our goal is to design, develop, manage and deliver our clients projects based on the specifications and timeframe agreed upon.

Geological Studies, Hydrologic Studies, Architecture Design, Demolition Authorization, Construction Authorization, Urban Planning, Structural Design, Installation Design, Supervision/Support

We also provide assistance in promoting the project. Convincing potential clients is always the hardest task for any developer’s sales team. We help the marketing and sales team of our clients give their project a life, a theme, a vibe and a more in-depth picture of how the project will look upon completion with the purpose of finding tenants as soon as possible. We offer the following design services:


3D Model (Machetes)

Animation Video/Video Presentation

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work