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After over 40 years owning and leading one of the world’s leading independent cement, shipping, and port services groups, our founding shareholders established N.G.B Construction & Management to best serve the fast-growing Eastern European Development and construction materials market.

Our company has had a 15+ year experience in providing Romania with building materials and cement and is now focused on supplying the market with real estate space and construction materials for the region’s infrastructure projects.

In 1995, the group was invited to privatize various construction companies in Romania including S.C.H, AGREMIN, SOMIC and SOMECS, and played a leading role in the concrete and aggregates industry in Romania.

In 2006, part of our activities were joined to Tarmac (a member of Anglo-American), while N.G.B continued to invest in the real estate and aggregates industry, securing various key properties and quarries and ballast pits.



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